Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Program in Public Health

About Us

The Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine’s Program in Public Health provides an educational environment that fosters acquisition of knowledge about the factors that contribute to the health and diseases of populations, and to apply that education to professions engaged in clinical care and public health. The program educates students to recognize and interpret research that contributes to better health outcomes and identify preventive strategies that may reduce and prevent health problems. This comprehensive public health program addresses at the individual level the concept of lifestyle behaviors aimed at reducing risk, at the organizational level the optimal delivery of care, and at the population level the concept of reduced frequency of disease.

World-Class Education and City

Our program capitalizes on and emphasizes the unique resources available through the medical school, its faculty, and the Chicago area. It reflects the diversity of the city in which our school resides. Chicago is at the nexus of public health research and practice as we address the rising needs of health equity across the city. Our students work alongside researchers and practitioners in developing approaches to improve community health.  Chicago is known as a ‘City of Neighborhoods’ and provides numerous opportunities to get hands-on experience engaging in vibrant, diverse communities that a wide range of populations have called home for generations.

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