Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Program in Public Health

Communicating Public Health through Pictures - Oct 7 2014

About the Exhibit:

Pictures are powerful tools for storytelling. Effectively communicating health information is essential for public health success. Here we highlight visual images that tell historic and contemporary public health stories from the Rwandan Genocide to water sanitation during the Chicago Exposition.

These visual stories reflect the public health outreach efforts and research interests of faculty and students here at Northwestern University, as well as a rich collaboration between the NPHR and the UIC department of biomedical visualization.

Technological advancements have given us new tools to tell public health stories not only through words but through pictures. We must embrace the challenge and look for new ways to more effectively tell public health stories.

 *Editor’s Note: Permission to use the image(s) has been obtained when a face is visible in a photograph.